Fire Suppression System 180 DEGREE NOZZLE

180° Nozzle Part Number H5-002-XXX
Nozzles are available in two discharge patterns 180 degrees.


Nozzles are available in two discharge pattern 180 degrees. Discharge nozzles have a NPT female pipe thread for attachment to the discharge piping network. The nozzles are selected based on the hazard to be protected to achieve best flow rate and distribution of clean agent in protected hazard area. Part number/orifice for nozzle will be generated by fire suppression system design software.

Technical Data:-
MOC: Brass

Thread Type: Female, NPT

Nozzle Type:180 degree nozzle

Sizes :15NB, 20NB, 25NB, 32NB, 40NB & 50NB.

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