Here you can see fire fighting pump details

fire fighting pump

It’s a part of fire sprinkler system, which is designed for more efficient fire extinguishing. Fire fighting pump apply high-pressure water through micro nozzles, which create a water mist that effectively combats fire.
Fire fighting pump gives maximum protection by cooling through heat absorption and control the fire when the water expands through evaporation.
Why to use Fire fighting pump?
It has a light weight that can be transported by one person for short distance around 100 m
Produce high water pressure of 80 psi and above
Water Pump of 1 gallon/second or greater, make it effective to control big fires
Use it to push the water both directions horizontally and vertically
Reliable system, can be used and maintain easily.
Operate for 45 minutes or more
It can effectively draw the water from a tank and raise it to the pump