water fire fighting system

Water firefighting system is the oldest and common way for extinguishing the fires. It works to eliminate the “heat” factor by cooling down the burning area, and that action can be enough to control the fire in few minutes.
Why to select water firefighting system?
Most small-medium business owners select water firefighting system to adapt the standard requirements for firefighting systems, while making benefit from its considerable low cost than other system.
Where to use water firefighting system?
Water firefighting systems can be used widely with all building types, however when it comes to industries, water firefighting system will be used for Fires from Grade A which has a fuel factor of Wood, Cloth, Carpets, paper and Oil materials with foam . Water firefighting systems can`t be used for machines and electrical units.
Types of water firefighting system are: water mist firefighting system, sprinkler system, Foam firefighting systems, and firefighting pump.