Here you can see Co2 fire fighting system details

Co2 fire fighting system

Carbon dioxide or CO2 Is electrically non-conductive gas, which means higher efficiency to control fires. The Carbon dioxide or CO2 fire fighting system promises the little interruption to your building and the contained staff, as its gas and actually there`s no clean-up is need after using this system.
It depends on its working mechanism producing heavy blanket of gas to control fires by reducing oxygen levels.
It`s available in different sizes, ask about the best Co2 fire fighting system for your property.

Where to use CO2 fire suppression system?
It ca be effectively applied on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials, ad clients can use it for fire Class A, B and C hazards.
Liquid storage places
Electrical places
Rooms include engines

Why to use CO2 fire suppression system?
Supper effective
Can be used over a wide variety of hazards
No clean-up costs
Little damage on your property