Here you can see sprinkler system details

sprinkler system

Sprinkler firefighting system is the mostly used at many open places areas, and some are designed for homes. Simply water under pressure will be saved on pipes behind walls and ceilings, Sprinklers will be activated only when fire heat reaches them. The sprinkler sprays water will react so quickly to any fire heat, and will start working to control the flames, and limit the arise of toxic smoke, as well as reducing the heat. In many cases Sprinkler firefighting system can effectively control and extinguishing the fires.
The approximated amount of water to be released by fire sprinklers is 10-25 gallons of water per minute. Think how many minutes will take the fire department to arrive your place??
The usage of Sprinkler firefighting system is mostly in open areas, like tourism places, hotels, golf courses, and parks. Many modern residential communities apply Sprinkler firefighting system within its developing model.
Why to use Sprinkler firefighting system?
Can save lives effectively
Relatively low cost for large areas
Fast re-action
Low damages on property