fire cabinet

Fire Hose Cabinet

Fire boxes are subject to the requirements of the US Code of NFPA and are divided into two types

Hose Reel: A rubber hose wrapped on a bobbin with an arm.

Hose Rack: It is a hose made of reinforced fabric that is installed on a rack, and it is mostly used by civil defense, but the first type is used by individuals inside buildings.

It has three forms of installation

Exposed: It should be protruding from the wall and outside it at a distance of 25 cm. The box should be installed on the wall.

Semi-predated: It is protruding from the wall with a distance of 10 cm, meaning that it is submerged in the wall by 15 cm.

Recessed: It is submerged in the entire wall.

All types are available in red and steel, including what comes with a side cabinet for the fire extinguisher

Installation sites:

Near the escape stairs.

In garages at the entrances and exits of cars.

Next to the main door of the building.

The height of the box from the ground ranges from 90 cm to 150 cm.

In the event of the spread of fire and the difficulty of fighting the fire from inside the building, fire hydrant fire fighters are made and distributed so that each one covers 30 m and is located around the building. It is a 2.5″ tap and 4.5 bar pressure and gives 250GPM

In some countries, a Dry Riser is made. It is connected to every role connected to the fire pump. The pipe is 4″ and a Check Valve is installed on it. The Riser ends with Siemens Connection, and the pipe is called a Landing Valve. fire hydrants

Therefore it is necessary to:

That this connection be visible to the firefighter and be in the face of the building.

In the event that there is more than one facade of the building, it is installed on each facade.

It must be reached easily and there are no obstacles in front of it.

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