The HM-DCMO-UL Addressable Control Module provides a circuit for Notification appliances like horns, strobes, and more. Addressability allows the HM-DCMO-UL to be activated through panel programming, on a select (zone or area of coverage) basis.


The HM-DCMO-UL is used to switch 24 VDC audible/visual power.

• The face plate is made of off-white, heat resistant plastic
• Controls include two rotary switches for direct-dial entry of address-setting
• The HM-DCMO-UL is configured for a single Class B Notification Appliance Circuit

Each HM-DCMO-UL uses one of the module addresses on a SLC loop. It responds to regular polls from the control panel and reports its type and status, including the open/normal/ short status of its Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC). The LED blinks with each poll received. On command, it activates its internal relay. The HM-DCMO-UL supervises Class B notification or control circuits. Upon code command from the panel, the HM-DCMO-UL will disconnect the supervision and connect the external power supply in the proper polarity across the load device. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the panel that the control relay turned ON. The external power supply is always relay-isolated from the communication loop, so that a trouble condition on the external power supply doesn’t interfere with the rest of the system. Rotary switches set a unique address for each module. The address may be set before or after mounting. The built-in TYPE
CODE (not settable) of the control panel will identify the module, so as to differentiate between a module and a sensor address.

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