FM200 . gas extinguishing system

FM200 is a safe fire suppression chemical gas
The concentration of FM200 for each facility, depending on the level of protection, is determined between 6% and 7% and is specified as required for the garden and engineering design.
The FM200 system is used.

FM200 . System Components

• The FM200 gas cylinder: The size of the cylinder is determined according to the needs of the room to be extinguished (and there are cylinders of all sizes) according to the calculations and according to the NFPA code
• A network of pipes for gas discharge: a scheme of the pipe network with its diameters is determined according to …
• Fire Extinguishing Panel and Sensors: It is the body responsible for the reception desk at the central gate.
• Network of wires and pipes for alarm.
• fire alarm siren
• Fire alarm.
• Manual release
• abort switch

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