Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel 4 Loop IFS 7002-4


Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel 4 Loop IFS 7002-4

Interactive Fire Control Panel IFS 7002- 4 loops operates with addressable automatic fire detectors and manual call points. It`s considered to be reliable, and multi-functional device which provides an unexpected design for users, as well as simple installation, and efficient operation. It works to control the addressable executive devices integrated into fire alarm loops.

It offers adjustment option of operating modes and parameters of each fire alarm line via built in keypad.

It contains user oriented menu dialogue to facilitate the operation. Also, the touch panels will create dynamic keypad, and the LEDs will give users proper indications about the early breakdown, or urgent conditions.


Other features include:

− Archive memory with independent energy, to save event types, date and time.

− It allows user oriented test modes

− Ability to connect to other fire control panels of similar or higher level

− Ability to connect through telephone line and a standard modem

− System expansion and functional modification no additional cabling necessary

− Compatible to random installation design