CCTV System

At UTS we are going to take a well care of securing your premises. Other security options may not be available to guard your premises for 24 hrs, but with our CCTV system you are going to have eyes everywhere for 24 hrs monitoring. We will help you to protect what matters to you, form production lines, building entries, etc. Comfort usage will be attained with modern security cameras, which allow you to integrate your cameras with your TV, PC, smartphone and tablet.
Choosing the correct CCTV system for you depends on how you want to use it, and what are you going to monitor. In order to decide the best option for you, users may consider answering the following questions:
The place where you are going to use the CCTV system (Home or office)
What you need to record? Choose from options: (high resolution, black and white, colour)
System connection type? Choose from options:
Through a TV
Through a monitor
Record through a digital video recorder (DVR)

At UTS we offer you the best CCTV kits at great prices. We are available to give you advices about what you need. Call us NOW!

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