STX PANEL 2 LOOP 396 جهاز, رمادي\احمر615-000-202-UL Steel chassis

STX 2 loop panel supporting up to 396 devices in plastic enclosure


Model: STX
The STX model is designed keeping in mind the needs of today’s performance conscious establishments. It is a range of compact and
feature-rich, modern-age panels that constitute together with a suite of intelligent devices, highly reliable fire alarm systems. The STX panels meet the requirements of the latest codes and standards and allow for quick and easy installation. Just fix the panel to the wall,
connect the field wiring devices, and power up the panel for a working fire alarm system. The large touch display allows the panel to be
programmed easily by providing a clear menu structure, making the the entire setup process extremely intuitive. Complex configuration is made easy by using the mobile app and the Bluetooth dongle connectivity.

Display: 5-inch multi-color touch display
Control Keys: Silence Buzzer, Silence/Resound Alarm, Reset
Indicators: Power, Alarm Silenced, Trouble, System Trouble, Disabled, Test, Supervisory, Delay

Supports Morley IAS UL detectors & modules
Loop Capacity: 500 mA per loop


• Multiple loop options –half, 1 and 2 loops
• Up to 198 devices per full loop
• 160 fire zones
• 5,000 events log
• Multiple output and input interfaces for a fully integrated fire alarm solution
• Pluggable electrical connectors and ergonomic design for easy installation
• Large touch display for enhanced readability, context-awareness and easy navigation resulting in exemplified user experience
• Mobile and PC apps for guided configuration
• Ability to configure panels offsite and sync via USB pen drive or Honeywell Bluetooth
• Battery-backed, real-time clock (RTC)
• 32-bit dual-core microprocessor
• UL 864 10th Edition Certified

•3 Output Relays with single pole changeover 24V DC 1 A: Fire Trouble & Programmable (Supervisory by default)
•1 RS485 port for up to 4 repeaters or mimics or a combination of the two
•1 RS232 ports: One for serial printer
•2 USB ports: One for pen drive and Honeywell Bluetooth dongle and one reserved for future use
•1 NAC circuit with max 150 mA
•2 on-board monitored inputs

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